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Texas Hit by Winter Weather

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Rich Johnson, Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Texas Hit by Winter Weather

The Insurance Council of Texas offers tips on managing the roads and how to file a claim  

From Dallas to San Antonio, Texans woke up to freezing temperatures, sleet, ice, snow, and freezing rain. Temperatures are expected to be at or below freezing for the next several days and the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) offers the following tips on how to manage the claims process with your insurance company and how to navigate the roadways to mitigate the risk of being in an accident. Insurance can help you recover from damage whether it’s a burst pipe or damage to your vehicle.

How to start the claims process

    Contact your insurance professional as soon as possible. Most companies offer contactless, virtual claims handling through their website or mobile app. This is a safe and convenient way to file a claim and have a record of the communication between you and your insurance carrier.
    Document the damage. Take photos or video of any damage to your property to send to your insurance carrier. It is also a good idea to email it to yourself to a web-based email program for safe keeping.
    Make any emergency repairs. If you spend any out-of-pocket money at the local hardware store, with a plumber or roofer, keep all receipts. You may be reimbursed by your insurance carrier.
    Know your deductible. Your insurance carrier may reimburse you or apply any out-of-pocket costs to your deductible.
    Get multiple estimates from reputable and recommended contractors. Get recommendations from friends, neighbors, and families on contractors they have had a good experience with. Also, work with your insurance company. They may have a network of preferred professionals in your area.
    Don’t sign insurance proceeds over to the contractor. Maintain control of your funds and pay the contractor incrementally as work is completed to your satisfaction.  

How to navigate the roadways – If you can, stay home and stay off the roads!

If you must drive, consider the following tips:

    Listen to local officials. Pay attention to the weather forecast and listen to advice from local officials and always obey warning and safety signs on the roadways.
    Be patient. Leave early and drive slowly.
    Brake cautiously and slowly. If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, apply constant, firm pressure to the pedal.
    Use your wipers, headlights and defrost to ensure proper visibility.
    Do not rely on cruise control. You are better able to react to other drivers and road conditions.

Visit the severe weather resource guide on ICT’s website for additional tips, advice, and graphics.


Rich Johnson

Director of Communications and Public Affairs


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