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Insurance Council of Texas Urges Texans to Prioritize Holiday Safety and Security

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Rich Johnson, Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Insurance Council of Texas Urges Texans to Prioritize Holiday Safety and Security

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Dec. 11, 2023 – As the holiday season is in full swing, the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) is urging Texans to prioritize safety and take proactive measures to protect themselves, their homes, and their vehicles. With an increase in festive activities, shopping, and package deliveries, it is essential to remain vigilant and implement preventive measures to ensure a secure and joyous holiday season.

Preventing Porch Pirates:

Porch piracy is theft of packages left unattended on doorsteps and is a growing problem in the United States. According to a recent study by, there are nearly 2 million packages stolen each year in Texas and nearly 260 million packages nationwide. There are simple tips to help prevent you from being a victim of a porch pirate.

To safeguard against this growing issue, ICT recommends the following tips:

    Schedule Deliveries Wisely: If possible, schedule package deliveries when someone is home to receive them or use a delivery service that allows you to choose a specific time.
    Utilize Package Lockers: Consider using package lockers or delivery drop-off locations for added security.
    Install Security Cameras: Visible security cameras act as a deterrent and can help identify porch pirates. Place them in strategic locations to capture clear footage.
    Secure Package Tracking: Take advantage of package tracking services provided by delivery companies to monitor the status and expected delivery time of your packages.
    Rely on Trusted Neighbors: If you'll be away, ask a trusted neighbor to collect your packages or store them in a secure location until your return.
    Lock your doors: Don’t make it easier for the thieves to take more than just your packages.

Protecting Your Automobile While Shopping:

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), over 105,000 cars were stolen in Texas in 2022. The holiday shopping season is prime time for thieves and most thefts often involve leaving vehicles unlocked and unattended in busy parking lots. To minimize the risk of theft or damage, ICT recommends the following precautions:

    Park in Well-Lit Areas: Choose well-lit parking spaces, especially during nighttime shopping trips.
    Hide Valuables: Place shopping bags and other valuables out of sight, either in the trunk or covered with a blanket.
    Lock Your Vehicle: Always lock your car doors and close windows, even for quick stops.
    Be Mindful of Parking Locations: Park in areas with high foot traffic and near security cameras when possible.
    Use Anti-Theft Devices: Consider installing steering wheel locks and ensure your car alarm is engaged for an added layer of protection.

For additional safety tips and resources, ICT encourages Texans to visit  The website provides valuable information on vehicle security, offering practical advice to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

By taking these proactive measures, Texans can contribute to a safer community and enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.  


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Media Contact : Rich Johnson, director of communications & public affairs

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