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ICT News & Updates

If you have hail damage, what's next?

ABC 13 - Houston

June storms brought wind and large hail to parts of North Texas. If you have damage, read on for steps you can take to navigate insurance claims. North Texans shared photos of large hail that fell in parts of the area on Sunday – some of the hail appeared to be as large as baseballs.




Double-digit flood insurance rate increases are hitting Texans as hurricane season begins

ABC 13 - Houston

 If you have flood insurance, you may have recently received a notice showing just how much more you have to pay. It's an increase insurance experts say is impacting the majority of policyholders. A couple of years ago, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced it was making changes to have rates recalculated. Since then, the prices of nearly everything have gone up. 




String of vehicle crimes has West Side neighborhood working together to help SAPD

KSAT 12- San Antonio


Driving through the Tara subdivision off Highway 151 on the city’s West Side, you can’t miss it.

Above Darrin and Keri Domko’s garage are three large poster boards that make up a homemade wanted sign.


The sign includes a surveillance photo of an alleged vehicle theft and lists details of other recent crimes.


“I want everybody to see it. Let them know we’re aware and that we’re looking for you because we got to help the cops one way,” Darrin Domko said.




Statewide awareness campaign fights catalytic converter thefts, other vehicle crimes


A statewide campaign seeks to stop catalytic converter theft and other vehicle crimes.

The Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority and the Insurance Council of Texas launched the awareness campaign, which encourages Texans to “Lock It Down!” as vehicle-related crimes surge across the state.



TDI News & Updates

TDI Issues Bulletin on Increase in MVCPA Fee

TDI has issued a bulletin informing insurers writing auto insurance in Texas about the increase in the MVCPA fee from $4 to $5. The bulletin provides some guidance on frequently asked questions. The new $5 fee will apply to policies delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed on or after May 29, 2023. 


The increase in the fee is a result of SB 224, which is the bill addressing catalytic converter theft that was amended in the House to include a provision that increases the MVCPA fee from $4 to $5, with the intention that the extra $1 will go to detection and prevention of catalytic converter theft in Texas. The bill had an immediate effect clause, which makes it effective immediately if it gets a two-thirds vote in each house (which it did). SB 224 became effective May 29, 2023.


To read the complete bulletin, which includes guidelines for what can be done to ensure quicker review and approval of forms, go here. Please reach out to Angie Cervantes with any questions.


TDI Adopts Amendments to Update Address, Insurer Action Required 


TDI adopted amendments to 28 TAC §§1.208 - 1.210, 1.601, 1.602, 1.705, 1.804, and 1.2803, regarding administrative procedures. The changes were done to update TDI's mailing address and physical address to reflect TDI's move from its previous location. 


Below is a summary of changes made that will have an impact on insurers. Please note the deadlines in which updates need to be made. 


§1.208. Applicability

All documents or information provided to consumers or the public that include TDI contact information, including contracts, policies, evidence of coverage, bonds, certificates of insurance, and notices delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state, and subject to regulation under the Insurance Code, except as specified in §1.210, must be updated by July 1, 2023. Documents and information that were approved or filed, whichever is applicable, before January 1, 2023, may be delivered or issued for delivery without refiling. 


§1.210. Notice to Customers

Requires insurers and HMOs that issued policies that do not expire but are currently in effect to provide customers with an "Important Notice" in §1.601 and §1.602 by a specific date. The adopted amendments replace the reference to the "Important Notice" with "notice forms required" for accuracy with the current rule language in §1.601. The amendments also update the date that regulated entities must comply with the rule to September 1, 2023.


§1.601. Notice of Toll-Free Telephone Numbers and Information and Complaint Procedures

Includes notices insurers and HMOs must provide to consumers that contain TDI contact information. The adopted amendments update TDI's mailing and email address in these notices. The adopted amendments also revise §1.601(e) to require that insurers and HMOs begin providing the updated notice forms in information to policyholders by July 1, 2023.


Section 1.602. Notice of Website

Section 1.602 specifies contact information for TDI that insurers identified in the section must provide to consumers. The amended text in §1.602(b)(1)(C) requires that insurers begin providing the updated notice of website form to policyholders by July 1, 2023.


The Commissioner issued a bulletin to all health benefit plans, insurance companies, agents, and the public on the required updates. You can read the adopted rules here.


TDI makes a correction to Commissioner's Order No. 2023-7932 for NCCI Item E-1410

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) corrects language related to the effective date of recently adopted Commissioner's Order No. 2023-7932 for NCCI Item E-1410.

View the corrected order (PDF).

For other documents related to this action, visit TDI's NCCI Manual Rule Filings for 2023.


DWC News & Updates

DWC Proposes Amendments to MQRP

DWC has proposed amendment to Title 28, TAC, §§180.64, 180.66, 180.68, 180.72, and

180.76, concerning the Medical Quality Review Panel (MQRP). The amendments are necessary to conform with related rules and practices, clarify the amount of notice to which a respondent is entitled before an informal settlement conference (ISC), and clarify that DWC may conduct an ISC remotely or in person. DWC also proposes to repeal 28 TAC §180.78, concerning the effective date of the subchapter, because it is no longer necessary. 


The proposed amendments can be found here


P&C Industry News & Updates

2023 Hurricane Season Likely to be Quiet

Yahoo! News

Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen says despite Tropical Storm Arlene, this hurricane season isn’t expected to be overly active as we transition to an El Nino. He says there are no signs of anything developing in the tropics over the next week. However, he reminds everyone of the importance of staying vigilant because it only takes one bad storm to make it a bad hurricane season.



Climate change is already making parts of America uninsurable



In a report published in April, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara admonished the industry to better account for far-reaching risks like those wrought by climate change.


“The insurance sector no longer has the luxury of thinking only of the year ahead,” he wrote. “Insurance companies, regulators, and consumers all must learn to consider and prepare for the long-term.”


A couple of California’s largest insurers did just that — but perhaps not in the way Lara had hoped.




Raising the bar – ESG leader on insurer’s heritage and why NZIA departures "don't quite matter"

Insurance Business

At the heart of the current corporate climate is the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework, an aspect that’s becoming more and more commonplace as industries at large try to minimize humanity’s negative impact on the planet. However, it’s a framework that’s also being met with significant pushback in relation to the insurance industry, leading to an exodus of members for the United Nations’ Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA).




Climate Change and Homeowners’ Insurance Are on a Collision Course

Insurance Journal


A summer that has already seen water crises and wildfire smoke is rapidly becoming an inflection point in the pitched battle between climate change and the price of homeowners’ insurance in the US.

American International Group Inc., which has already pulled back from new California business, is now set to curb home-insurance sales for affluent customers in around 200 ZIP codes across the US, including New York, Delaware, Florida, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The decision was first reported in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, citing people familiar with the company’s plans.




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